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As a portal site whose aim is to provide information that are of best interest to Filipinos worldwide, makes an effort to select the most relevant content. This disclaimer covers details regarding the website's content, information, and copyright. offers content based on publicly published materials and from information gathered from other websites or establishments. is NOT endorsing the featured websites and/or establishments (except where specifically noted) and is NOT claiming copyright over any of the information contained in these pages. Although makes it a point to keep its contents up-to-date, it is NOT responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, and reliability of this information. assumes no responsibility for the contents of any linked sites, or changes or updates to these sites. assumes no responsibility for the legality of contributions made by members and non-members.

Some articles, pictures and images shown on were taken from various public sources, including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, postcards, books and other websites. There was no intent on the part of the developers to infringe on the copyright of any individual or company, and is willing to discontinue use if any party objects or claims ownership of these articles and/or images. Likewise, ownership of articles, pictures and images will be gladly acknowledged provided proof of ownership is submitted. assumes no responsibility for the personal data stored in its servers by the members of the website. shall NOT be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss of data contained in its servers. and its sponsors will NOT be liable for the consequences of using the information and images contained in this web site.



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