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Odd Job: Coconut Vinegar Vendor
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 08/09/2011 03:14 PM

Job: Coconut Vinegar VendorName: Alma Eraldo, 31Status: Married with 2 kidsYears: 5Income: P300 a dayPerks: "Di ako nawawalan ng asim."Disadvantages: "Boring minsan."Hobbies/Interests: "Makipag chismisan sa kapitbahay."Alma has a makeshift store along the old highway of Silang, Cavite. She sells the coco vinegar for P40 per gallon. She buys a gallon of vinegar for P20. She buys it in drums. She does the tasking job of transferring the vinegar to a 1-gallon container. She buys the container for P5.00 each. Her income is pegged at around P15.00 per 1-gallon of container sold. She opens her store at around 8 am and closes it... read more

tags: odd job, coconut, vinegar, vendor, alma, eraldo

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