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If You Are Fat, Blame It On Mom
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 07/09/2013 09:22 PM

Well, not really. Maybe the continual eating of unhealthy food and the non-exercising are to blame for your rotund figure. But maybe also your mom. Not your mom per se but the genes you inherited from your parental units maybe be one of the culprits for your failing battle of the bulge.A new study from the University College London, published on March 2013, suggests that genetics is a major factor in childhood obesity. Now, if you were thin as a child and blossomed to the barrel of a person you are now, this may not apply to you. Anyhow, the... read more

tags: if you are fat, blame it on mom, genome-wide complex trait analysis, gcta, university college london

Balancing Work and Pregnancy
posted by Carrie B. Yan on 06/13/2013 02:09 PM

eing pregnant and working full time might seem like an overwhelming combination. To effectively balance pregnancy and work, consider these tips from Dr. Tamara Kuittinen, an emergency medicine physician at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, and Dr. Laurie Zephyrin, an obstetrician/gynecologist.

First, make sure your doctor visits take priority. You will have monthly appointments throughout your pregnancy until your final month, when you'll visit weekly. Schedule these well in advance so that you can fit them in during your lunch break or another convenient time.

Next, prepare for morning sickness, which typically occurs in the first trimester, by drinking and eating... read more

tags: health, wellness, pregnancy, work, working mom, working mother

A Focus On Fiber
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 10/26/2011 03:54 PM

Fiber is one of those things that many of us know is important but only hear about when we ask doctors why is it so hard to push through in the morning.  Doctors always recommend more fiber for the fecally challenged.  So what exactly is it?  Where can we get it?  And why do we need it aside from our daily exudation needs?  The term fiber refers to carbohydrates that cannot be digested.  Fiber is present in all plants that are eaten for food, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.  However, not all fiber is the same, and there are... read more

tags: a focus on fiber, dietary, functional, carbohydrates, total fiber, denis burkitt, fiber man

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