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Friendly Chat lang
posted by Justine Kutkut on 12/22/2010 07:12 PM

hello there, I thought you would like to have a cool chat with someone who is friendly by nature and nice to chat with. Thanks, Justine... read more

tags: chat chat lang tayo

Looking back
posted by Bobang Nilalang on 01/19/2012 12:59 PM

I remember my first time here at GP. It was in 1998 and I was 15 then. There was still a huge chat box on the front page of the website where people talk about almost anything under the sun. We get to meet the moderators of GP and those days were so fun. I even remembered when my mom met a Pinay living in the states and when she found out that we are one of the victims when a fire broke out in our area, she sent money to my mom for help.I wish they'll bring back the chat box. It might be... read more

tags: gp, looking back, dark knight, gofer, chat The New Pinoy Social Networking
posted by Kirk Quinimon on 05/28/2012 08:21 PM was founded in January 2010 in Manila by Paul Jones, an American expatriate. Once back in his homeland, he fully developed the idea taking into consideration multiple aspects of Philippines Overseas Foreign Workers' life. He then built the social network targeting their needs. Because it initially targeted the Asian community, Halikana has had a huge impact on Asia’s Internet culture. Many renowned Filipino and Chinese socialites and celebrities have accounts where they update fans on things such as upcoming tours and pending works. Halikana has networks in the Middle East, Europe, Brazil, and Argentina and is gaining popularity across Scandinavia and the Caribbean islands. Halikana allows people to use... read more

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