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You may have high blood pressure and not know it
posted by Carrie B. Yan on 09/25/2012 04:55 PM

Paris:  More than half of people in three European countries who were diagnosed with high blood pressure in a recent survey did not know they had the condition, according to a study published recently.

And less than half of those who were aware that they had hypertension had managed to bring the problem under control, the study found.

People with high blood pressure.also called hypertension.have an increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and dementia, previous research has shown.

Scientists examined 1,604 persons from southwest London, Limburg in Belgium and Abruzzo in Italy. The subjects also answered questions about healthcare and... read more

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Blood Pressure and Exercise
posted by Carrie B. Yan on 02/17/2012 07:30 PM

Q:  Recently my doctor diagnosed me with borderline high blood pressure. She suggested I exercise, eat properly and lower my stress levels. Although I walk three days a week, this obviously is not enough. What type of exercise program should I begin that will help lower my blood pressure?A:  High blood pressure can cause heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney conditions and vision problems. With more than 50 million Americans suffering from this condition, it is important to take the recommendations of your doctor seriously. And although there are some uncontrollable factors that can increase blood pressure (such as heredity),... read more

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6 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 08/06/2013 12:23 PM

The rainy season not only bring about typhoons and floods but also provide mosquitoes with a large breeding ground. As a result, an infestation of the vampire's lost  cousins thrice removed. Mosquito bites are not just irritating and itchy, you could also get infected with diseases such as malaria, dengue, filariasis and chikungunya. So it is only prudent to prepare yourself for the onslaught that will inevitably come. There are several ways you can avoid getting pricked by these pesky bloodsuckers. But first, here are some facts for you to consider. - Mosquitoes leave their shaded breeding grounds at dawn and... read more

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