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Odd Job: Ornamental Plants Caretaker
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 03/23/2011 01:40 PM

Job: Ornamental Plants CaretakerName: Lawrence de Lima, 25Status: Married with 3 kidsYears: 3Income: P200, daily salaryPerks: "Masarap maghalaman, parang naglilibang lang ako."Disadvantages: "Maraming kuripot, gusto hingin na lang ang halaman"Hobbies/Interests: basketball, billiards and social drinkingBeing green minded has its perks too. Working for almost 10 hours a day may be tiring to others, especially those who are in the corporate world, but 25 year old Lawrence considers his job as a form of recreation."Parang naglilibang lang ako." he says.Lawrence reports for duty at 7 in the morning, "Yun kasi yung oras na pumupunta ang mga landscape artists," and goes home... read more

tags: odd job, ornamental plants caretaker, lawrence, de lima, green

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