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Odd Job: Balut Vendor
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 01/12/2011 02:38 PM

Job: Balut VendorName: Irma Capcap, 59Status: Widow, with two childrenYears: 15 years Income: P190 - 250 a dayPerks: "I get to know a lot of stories from my customers."Disadvantages: "I am always on the nightshift."Hobbies/Interests: ChitchattingShe buys the baluts and penoys she sells at a wholesaler near where she lives.  She usually buys 50 pieces of balut (fermented duck egg) for P310 or P6.20 per piece.  She resells the balut for P10 and the penoy for P8 per piece.She buys around 20 penoys a day.  10 penoy na may sabaw and penoy na walang sabaw for P5 a piece.Customers can... read more

tags: odd job, balut, vendor, irma, capcap, penoy

Odd Job: Barbecue Vendor
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 01/12/2011 02:37 PM

Job: Barbecue VendorName: Jun Ray Duran, 22Status: In a relationshipYears: 2 months Income: P200 net average daily incomePerks: "I get to talk to chicks from numerous nightclubs around."Disadvantages: "I sometimes give the barbecue to the chicks for free."Hobbies/Interests: Babe watching!Former lorry helper Jun Ray Duran decided to try a career in peddling street foods.He starts to peddle the bopis (a combination of pork intestines) and pork barbecue at around 3pm and brings his sidecar home at around 12pm. With his P500 daily capital, he goes to the market to buy the raw products and marinate them before he calls it a... read more

tags: odd job, barbecue, vendor, jun, ray, duran

Odd Job: Mattress Vendor
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 01/12/2011 02:36 PM

Job: Matress VendorName: Jaime Umali, 51Status: Married with 8 kidsYears: 10 years Income: P150 a day or around P2, 800 a monthPerks: "Kumikita ng pera at maraming nakikilala."Disadvantages: "Mainit, tsaka minsan zero ang benta."Hobbies/Interests: Matulog lang!Jaime peddles mattresses of different sizes around different towns of Carmona, Cavite. He starts at 7am and ends at 12pm. His working hours may be short compared to those who were interviewed for this section, but carrying 2-3 mattresses at a given time under the heat of the sun is, literally, a heavy task.  Jaime is part of a group of mattress vendors who work for a... read more

tags: odd job, mattress, vendor, jaime, umali

Odd Job: Sweeper
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 01/12/2011 02:36 PM

Job: SweeperName: Lourdes Lagare, 51Status: Widow with seven kidsYears: 2 years and 4 monthsIncome: P5,000 monthly, exclusive of taxPerks: "Marami akong nakikilalang tao"Disadvantages:  “Dumarami blackheads ko!"Hobbies/Interests: Talking to other peopleAling Lourdes started her career as a street sweeper 15 years ago. She worked on the streets of Davao for two years before she worked as a laundry woman for more than 12 years. Just this April, she began to sweep the streets of Davao again.She works from 5 am - 9 am and 1pm -3pm at the Davao bus terminal, near the Public attorney’s office.Her short working hours – spread... read more

tags: odd job, sweeper, lourdes, lagare, davao

Odd Job: Aerobics Instructor
posted by Brando Dimagiba on 01/12/2011 02:32 PM

Job: Aerobics InstructorName: Ricky Andres, 43Status: SingleYears: 20 yearsIncome: P12, 000 - average monthly incomePerks: “I can stay fit and at the same time earn money” Disadvantages: “Injuries”Hobbies/Interests: Watching plays, beauty pageantsRicky is a registered nurse but has decided to focus on teaching aerobics instead. While working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia in 1988, a couple of friends invited him to lead their weekly exercise drills. Soon, the number of participants increased and he realized his hobby’s potential to provide an additional income. He applied as an aerobics instructor in the gym near the hospital where he used to... read more

tags: ricky, andres, aerobics instructor, odd job

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