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12 Ways to Prevent Illness During the Rainy Season
posted by Carrie B. Yan on 06/17/2013 03:30 PM

There's no denying it.  Summer is over and the rainy season has begun.  It is that time again when cough and colds and other illnesses become prevalent.  However, with proper precaution, we could avoid catching these.  Here are some tips on how to prevent illness during the wet season.1.  Take vitamin C.  Taking a good dose of vitamin C can help prevent catching a cold.  It will activate your antibodies that can fight a cold.2.  Shower after getting caught in the rain.  A shower can stabilize your temperature after getting out of a cold rain.  It can also protect you... read more

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Rainy Weather Illnesses
posted by Carrie B. Yan on 07/10/2013 05:56 PM

You may find the rainy season refreshing after the hot, humid summer.  During this time, however, you must be extra careful to stay healthy and avoid illnesses that abound during the wet weather.  Here are some common illnesses that we are more prone to during the rainy season.Respiratory illnesses - Coughs and colds are prevalent during the cold, wet weather.  Observe proper hygiene at all times, paying attention to handwashing.  If you have caught cough or colds, make sure you cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.  It's best to avoid crowded places at this time since these... read more

tags: health, wellness, illnesses, diseases, rainy season, wet season, rain, rainy weather, tips, lists

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