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Pinoy Games: Harangan Taga or Tubigan
Posted by Carrie B. Yan on 02/01/2011 02:02 PM

Participants:  Six or more
This game is very similar to Patintero, with just a slight variation in the number of squares that the two teams cover and a slight variation in scoring.

Some children also prefer playing this game on dirt area and use water to make the lines. Thus it is usually played on a moonlit evening to prevent rapid evaporation of the water lines.

The players are divided into two teams of equal numbers. The ground is marked off in a rectangle about five or six meters and divided into four equal parts.

Winning the jack-en-poy (rock, scissor, paper) or toss coin entitles the group to be runners while the other group becomes “it.”

Each member of the group that is “it” stands on the water lines. The perpendicular line in the middle allows the “it” designated on that line to intersect the lines occupied by the “it” on the parallel lines, thus increasing the chances of the runners to be trapped.

The runners should be able to pass all of the parallel lines and go back to where they started without being tagged by any of the “it.” When one of the runners is able to accomplish a “home-run,” he or she must shout “tubig” (water), which means a point is scored in favor of the running team. However, if one of the runners is tagged in the process of passing through the parallel and the perpendicular lines, then the runners become the “it” and the former “it” becomes the runners. The first team to earn three consecutive points is the winner.

Consequence:  The losers carry the winners on their backs to and fro or the winners slaps the hand or hits the knuckle of the losers using the middle finger, emulating the principle of a slingshot (pitik).

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Pinoy Games: Harangan Taga or Tubigan
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