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Pinoy Games: Sabong
Posted by Carrie B. Yan on 02/04/2011 11:36 AM

Participants:  Two roosters

The roosters are armed with sharp steel blades on their legs. The battle is fought until one of them dies. The winner is declared when the rooster dies or when a rooster pecks his opponent twice before he dies.

Another variation of Sabong is called Bitaw. The difference is that Bitaw makes use of gloves placed on the rooster’s spurs (one spur per leg), so as to protect the two cocks from hitting each other with their sharp spurs. Bitaw or “spar” is done to prepare the cock in a Sabong match.

Sabong, on the other hand, makes use of a gaff (small curved knife) that is tied on the roosters' left leg (because roosters are believed to be southpaws!). The gaff is soaked in poison before it is placed on the roosters' left leg in the belief that it can kill the opponent faster.

There are special arenas that hold Sabong matches. Sabong games are always associated with gambling.

Trivia:  The difference between Sabong and Tupada is only the venue. When a cockfight (the one that makes use of a gaff) is held in an illegal place – say a vacant lot – then it is referred to as Tupada. In some towns, Tupada is allowed whenever there’s a wake, and so are other forms of gambling such as Sakla and Mahjong.

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Pinoy Games: Sabong
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