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Odd Job: Ornamental Plants Caretaker
Posted by Brando Dimagiba on 03/23/2011 01:40 PM

Job: Ornamental Plants Caretaker
Name: Lawrence de Lima, 25
Status: Married with 3 kids
Years: 3
Income: P200, daily salary
Perks: "Masarap maghalaman, parang naglilibang lang ako."
Disadvantages: "Maraming kuripot, gusto hingin na lang ang halaman"
Hobbies/Interests: basketball, billiards and social drinking

Being green minded has its perks too. Working for almost 10 hours a day may be tiring to others, especially those who are in the corporate world, but 25 year old Lawrence considers his job as a form of recreation.

"Parang naglilibang lang ako." he says.

Lawrence reports for duty at 7 in the morning, "Yun kasi yung oras na pumupunta ang mga landscape artists," and goes home at around 5 in the afternoon. His job is a lot different from those who work in the corporate jungle. His office literally looks like a jungle!

His job allows him to commune with nature everyday. He grafts, plants and cuts various species of flora from one pot to another everyday. "Ang sarap talaga ng ganitong trabaho kaya nga hindi ko na ginagamit ang day off ko."

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Odd Job: Ornamental Plants Caretaker
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