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Philippine Tribes: Balangao
Posted by Carrie B. Yan on 05/22/2012 05:01 PM


The Balangaos main source of food and income is from farming. They make quality bamboo and rattan crafts. They occasionally hunt wild games in forests.

Oral historians of the tribe claim that in 17th century when the Gaddangs of Cagayan revolted and lost against the Spanish colonizers, the Gaddangs fled to the mountains and established their settlements there.

The tribes intermarried to the original inhabitants of the mountain slopes and riverbanks where the Ifugaos, Kalingas and Bontocs lived. Culture blending for centuries resulted in the present Balangao/Boliwon ethno linguistic group or tribe.

The Balangao dialect has dominant "ch", "r," and "f" sounds.

The tribesmen who migrated to the cities to seek greener pastures, still go back to their tribe to meet their obligations.

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Philippine Tribes: Balangao
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