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Rainy Weather Illnesses
Posted by Carrie B. Yan on 07/10/2013 05:56 PM

You may find the rainy season refreshing after the hot, humid summer.  During this time, however, you must be extra careful to stay healthy and avoid illnesses that abound during the wet weather.  Here are some common illnesses that we are more prone to during the rainy season.

Respiratory illnesses - Coughs and colds are prevalent during the cold, wet weather.  Observe proper hygiene at all times, paying attention to handwashing.  If you have caught cough or colds, make sure you cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.  It's best to avoid crowded places at this time since these illnesses are easily transmitted in crowds.

Viral infections - Since viral infections are rampant during the rainy weather, do your best to avoid people who are suffering from such an illness.  Children are especially vulnerable so be sure to warn them to keep away from school mates or playmates who have an infection.

Dengue - Water puddles are a ripe breeding ground for mosquitos, especially the Aedes Aegypti, which carries the dengue virus.  Make sure to drain out puddles and throw out stagnant water.

Leptospirosis - Avoid walking in floods.  You never know if the dirty water is contaminated with animal urine.  This can lead to leptospirosis, wich causes enlargement of the spleen, jaundice, and nephritis.

Diahrrhea - The rain, particularly flooding, can cause contamination to water sources.  Make sure to drink only purified drinking water and try to avoid raw vegetables like salads for now.

Typhoid fever - Typhoid is highly infectious and usually caused by contaminated food and water.  Drink only purified drinking water and avoid eating raw foods.

Dysentery - Another illness caused by contaminated food and water, dysentery is an intestinal inflammation that may lead to severe diarrhea with blood or mucus.  Observe proper hygiene and watch what you eat and drink.

Hepatitis - This disease is also caused by consuming contaminated food or water.  Make sure to get vaccinated and watch what you eat and drink, taking care to avoid street food.

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Rainy Weather Illnesses
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